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We hope the Manufacturers take a little note of some of the other racing venues other than snowcross. Many sleds are sold because of the "backyard" racing that is done. Snowcross has such a narrow band of participants because of the physical and huge financial demands. The sleds raced by Hibbert are so far removed from a production sled in both parts and cost. Maybe with past seasons of new interest the manufacturers will get there act together and promote all forms of racing. Snowmobile dealers need local venues with local participation to help promote their products to buying public. Just food for thought...........   

There seems to be more and more performance widgets on the market as ever. Claiming big horsepower gains and speed to rival a jet airplane. Many are like the infomercials on TV, they take the money and run. Always take time to check into a device's claims before you buy. Check out what it takes to install and what additional things that maybe needed to make it work. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. There is nothing worse than spending a ton of money for your machine and you get blown away by a stocker !!!!!!!

CSEracing is pleased to be helping build some new open mod engines. We are playing with some 1200-1600+ cc 3 and 4 cyl. 2 stroke engines.

 If your scared to lose, your never gonna win............


Has anybody noticed that the snowmobile manufacturers seem to concentrate on maximum suspension travel? Why don't they make a low and mean machine for trails and hardpack only. Many people aren't mountain or "off road" type riders. Isn't that why a Corvette doesn't compete in 4 wheel drive rallies? Many of the new machines have better engines but are slower than the previous years machines.An odd thing has happened because of the "snowcross effect", many new machines with higher horsepower engines are slower. We have found that generally the 1998 models are the fastest (Polaris and Cat).  The "snowcross" effect on machine design is getting out of hand. Many of the new machines are not that good for groomed trail riding...  another new thing, big twin engines saying they are equal to a 3 cyl.. BS They maybe be quick, but they will absolutely lose every time. See our race results.

CSE is working on 2016 800 and 2015 800 to see differences in clutch systems.

CSE racing is always looking for safe and professional speed or radar races this winter to visit. If your organization is interested in having some of the fastest sleds in world come to your race or races, email us with your schedule. We will try to attend  and/or post them in our schedule.


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