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We have a large stock of Genuine Mikuni and Keihin Jets

Arctic Firecat-kit for Speed and Lowering
This kit lowers the sled and has the setup instructions for Firecat chassis racer

The Arctic Cat Firecat (all) series lowering kit is $59.95 US
Uses special shock spacers and instructions.

Complete Arctic Cat F7 2003/04 speed run kit $389.95 US
Lowering kit
Gears, chain, clutch parts, slides.
Special Parts and instructions.

We are offering a F5 and F6 package.

Your authorized VP racing fuel dealership.
Prices per 5 gallon can

Prices subject to change without notice

Stocked Fuels

VP110 107 octane
MS98 100 octane non oxygenated

C11 104 octane 
C12 108 octane 
C14 114 octane
C14+ 115 octane
C16 117 octane
VP Import 120+ octane

View Tech Specs

Call In ahead for availability at our shop. Pick up Only.


 Special orders over 5 gallons availiable email or call for prices.

Speed Bearings

Top Quality NTN with our "special" Sauce.

6205 $10.95

Used on all our race sleds.


We are Dealers or can get products for the following 


Aaen Performance (AP)

Woody's (WO)

Wahl Bros. Racing (WB)

Hi Performance Engineering (HP)

Cutler Performance Center (CC)

Starting Line Products (SL)

Micro Belmont (MB)

Millennium Technologies (MT)

Fast (FR)

Hot Seat Performance (HS)

Erlandson Performance (EP)

D & D Racing (DD)

Carver Performance (CP)

Wiseco Pistons (WI)

Speedwerx (SX)

Bell Industries (BI)


Automatic Distributor (AD)

Western Power Sports (WP)

Stud Boy Traction (SB)

Saber (SR)

Sno Stuff (SS)

Please note the two letters after each name. Use this as a prefix to the part number from that vendor.

If you need parts please use vendor catalogs and prefix their part number with the above two letter code. Put a email together and we will price it. With our new building addition now finished and a new computer system, we hope to improve our response to quotes and orders.

We will also have racing programs for selected racers.

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Updated Dec 7 2018

Order Line 1(800) 797-3485 

All Prices in dollars U.S. 



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